Aesthetic Services

At Camas Swale, we believe that your health is affected immensely by how you feel, which is why we want you to look and feel your absolute best. In an effort to provide a well-rounded health experience for our patients, we have recently introduced aesthetic services to our list of offerings. In addition to your overall health concerns, our team at Camas Swale can now address your beauty concerns, as well.

BannerOur aesthetic services include non-surgical treatments that will help revitalize your skin and improve imperfections through non-invasive procedures. Patients will notice great results through aesthetic treatments that address the following:

The aesthetic procedures provided at our clinic are performed with our ICON™ Laser. This advanced laser includes three different treatment modalities in just one machine, which allows us to address various cosmetic concerns in a way that is efficient and comfortable for you. Whether you prefer to spread your treatments out over multiple appointments, or address many skin issues at once, this device allows us to customize your treatment plan. Additionally, the intelligent ICON™ Laser is able to determine the melanin amount in your skin, allowing us to safely treat a wide range of skin types.

If you have a cosmetic concern you’d like to address, find comfort in knowing that our team at Camas Swale will take care of you, and we will do so in a way that is the easiest on your finances. We pride ourselves in providing quality cosmetic care at small town prices.

To learn more about each of our aesthetic services, click the links above or the buttons below. We look forward to helping your skin look and feel the best it can, helping you take strides towards a happier and healthier well-being. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

Fine Lines & Wrinkle Reduction

Pigment Reduction

Scars & Stretch Mark Reduction

Laser Hair Removal


(Combination Treatment)

TempSure Envi™


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Beginning 4/22/24
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