DOT and CDL Physical Exams

The DOT (Department of Transportation) requires all commercial drivers to undergo a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) physical exam. Student drivers who take the CDL training program must have a DOT/CDL physical exam performed by an approved medical examiner. Dr. Armitage is a certified CDL physical exam doctor and specially trained to understand all DOT and CDL regulations.

What Do I Need to Bring to My DOT/CDL Physical?

On the day of your physical exam, please bring your driver’s license and a list of any medications you are currently taking, including the doses and the prescribing doctor’s name and contact information. To save time, we also recommend that you fill out a health history report before coming to your appointment.

If you have any medical issues, please bring any necessary documents to your appointment. For example, if you have vision or hearing problems, bring your glasses or hearing aids. Or if you have a health condition such as diabetes, bring your blood sugar logs and most recent lab results. If you have any heart-related issues, please bring a letter from your cardiologist that indicates you are safe to work.

While some health factors may affect your ability to pass your DOT/CDL physical, you may be able to qualify for a Driver Exemption Program.

What Does a DOT/CDL Physical Exam Include?

A DOT/CDL physical exam usually takes 30 to 40 minutes and include the following tests:








Blood Pressure


Overall Physical Exam


After your examination, you will receive a medical certificate which is valid for two years. If you have any questions about DOT/CDL physicals, please feel to contact us, or schedule your appointment.


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