Creswell Physical Exams

Regularly scheduled physical exams are an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They are also a requirement for many jobs and activities. We are a reliable clinic for Creswell physical exams, providing exams to patients and their families. From Department of Transportation physicals to FAA Flight Physicals, our skilled and certified physicians have the experience to offer physical exams for a wide range of patients.

DOT/CDL Physicals

We help drivers stay safe by making sure they can accurately perform the physical demands of the job. Drivers must meet all DOT (Department of Transportation) physical requirements before receiving their commercial driver’s license (CDL). Dr. Armitage is certified and specially trained to understand all CDL regulations.

DOT/CDL physical exams usually take 30 – 40 minutes and include tests for vision, hearing and blood pressure, as well as a general wellness examination.

FAA Flight Physicals

We provide FAA (Federal Aviation Association) Class 1, 2 and 3 exams, as well as BasicMed exams for aviators. These examinations are required in order to become a certified pilot. Dr. Armitage has several years of experience in both the medical and aviation field. He is a 142nd Wings Flight Surgeon and an active part of the Air National Guard.

FAA physical exams usually take around 45 minutes and include a vision test, urine test, EKG, and overall wellness exam.

Sports Physicals

Whether your child is getting ready for school or starting a new sport, a physical exam is the first step to ensuring they are healthy and ready for any activity. Our medical clinic offers affordable and convenient general physical exams to children of all ages.

A sports physical usually takes around 30 minutes. Our physicians will check your child’s joints, vitals, flexibility and vision. Please bring your child’s immunization records with you to their appointment.

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